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LOC Business School Lagos

LOC Business School, Lagos is located in the metropolitan area surrounded by a major educational and cultural center.

This is the heart of the city, the center of commerce, finance, administration, and education. The principal manufacturing industries in Lagos include the production of electronics equipment, automobile assembly, food and beverage processing, metalworks, and the production of paints and soap. Textile, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical manufacturing are also economically important.

* Fees per year – Please see below –


1. Online programs (including Foundation; Bachelor, Pre masters and MBA): £4,000

2. Oncampus programs at the LOC Lagos centre (including Foundation; Bachelor and Pre masters): £6,000

3. Oncampus programs at the LOC Lagos Center (MBA): £6,800

4. Online programs (final year Bachelors at Bolton): £6,800

5. Online programs (final year MBA at Bolton): £8,000

6. Oncampus programs at LOC Lagos Center (final year Bachelors at Bolton): £8,000

7. Oncampus programs at LOC Lagos Center (Final year MBA at Bolton): £9,500


Students of LOC Business School, will be obtaining UK approved Awards, Certified Courses, and Degrees. With our credits accepted globally, you will able to progress further studies in UK, Canada, Australia, US & European Universities.

LOC Business School has been developed with the technological boom that has happened across all sectors within the last half-century. Our education initiatives are better able to harness technologies to customize content and create more engaging learning experiences for students. At LOC we provide ways to easily integrate continuous classroom education, learning through digital platform, workplace education into the day-to-day routine of professionals in their respective fields.

LOC Business School Nigeria

Address: Michelle & Anthony Education Consulting
11a Olu Akerele St, Ikeja, Nigeria